--> we protect those who cannot protect themselves

"I’d forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe."

Teen Wolf » Magic Bullet (1x04)

"The dogs are almost a defense mechanism for him so he can go to a place of purity with the dog soul and get out of the convoluted nature of mankind. I got the psychological landscape of a guy who escapes to animals to get away from the complexities of the human psyche. […] Will avoids eye contact, and it’s safer for him to bond with an animal because he knows what his expectations are of that creature   — a human being is a much trickier monster.” - Bryan Fuller (x)


wHAT kind of celebrity promises a fAn they’d go to their bridal shower and then aCTUALLY tURNS UP to a fAN’S bridal shower wHAT KIND OF CELEBRITY EVEN DOES THAT TAYLOR SWIFT 

One choice can transform you

Stiles and Lydia in 3b;

"You don’t need the instructions, you don’t need them because you’re too smart"

"You’ve right every time something like this has happened, okay? so don’t start doubting yourself now"