--> we protect those who cannot protect themselves


Stydia AU | Role Reversal

Happy 43rd birthday, David! (April 18th, 1971) 


[☆] You doubt the prophecy?


[] You doubt the prophecy?

What I once used to dream I now dread…

I assembled this team!  I evaluated what was needed and I gave the assessment to Fury, and he gave you the parameters for your unit.

PSA: i’m going to the beach tomorrow and won’t be back till sometime sunday and we don’t have wifi so i won’t be on tumblr at all. i queued a whole bunch of posts though so my blog will still be posting things, but if you send me an ask (or snapchat me or something) i won’t answer until sunday.

(ALSO this means my triumphant return to twitter will be SLIGHTLY postponed seeing as i won’t have internet access for a few hours on sunday)



be there or 


this picture really gets to me. this picture infuriates me i cant explain how mad i am about this picture and this post. it’s wrorng. it’s incorrect/ there is a FATAL ERROR that NOBODY POITNS OUT. this is not a square it is a RECTANGLE. by definition a square has four. FOUR. equal sides. count the bees???????????? the top and bottom rows have six bee each. the sides? the left and the right side sides? they only have five bee. you cant have both FIEV bee an d SIX bee and have a square that is BY DEIFNITION not a squarre but a RECTANGLE. Im so mad. i so mad i am enraged i am livid. im going to go rob a psot office bcase of how much anger i am right now./

Amy" without Amy.  (Requested by anon)

make me choosesomherhalder asked me stefan salvatore or matt donovan?